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Six years later PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
2013-06-01 17:35:19
It's been five years since I abandoned the website. What happened during this time? How much I earned.

There is summary of last 6 years:
Year AdSense BackLinks TextLinkAds
2007 $62 $0 $0
2008 $111 $24 $88
2009 $33 $15 $310
2010 $9 $0 $72
2011 $3 $0 $86
2012 $3 $0 $99
SUM $221 $39 $655
An additional $67 from individual advertisers. Thus, total revenues is $967
I do nothing during last 6 years, but paying for domain renew ($10 annually).
Net profit: $900
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need advie. All answers I will publish on page Correspondence .
Last Updated ( 2013-06-01 19:22:23 )
WebToMoney.com in top 10 in Google PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
2007-11-08 07:11:03

On 4th November position WebToMoney.com in Google reach top 10. If you enter keyword 'earn money online' on 3rd position appear this site. There is screenshot of this situation:


Earn Money Online

I expected if WebToMoney.com be in top10 in Google, traffic will be higher. But this didn't happen. I covered about 10 million competitors and I don't have high traffic. Traffic ramins on constant low value. I'm very disappointed. I lost battle, but war still last.


Next step is reach top 10 with keyword 'make money online'. There are more competitors, about 176 million! Can I do it? It's possible. I checked results from google with this keyword, and I found WebToMoney.com on 35th position. Also I chcecked how more people enter keyword 'make money online' into Google. I done it using Google Trends. There is result:


Make Money Online


There are almost 4 times more people who enter keyword 'make money online'. If WebToMoney will be in top 10 in Google with keyword 'make money online' and there will be no effect, I will try to promote website with keyword 'make money' (about 400 million competitors).

There are 7 times more people who enter keyword 'make money' than 'make money online' and about 20 times more than 'earn money online'. There is chart:


Make Money


But it will be profitable? Maybe earning money on the web is not so easy as I thin at the beginning? If you will watched information on this site, you will know how easy/hard is to make money on the web Wink

Last Updated ( 2007-11-08 07:34:18 )

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